Drag & Drift is a professional manufacturer which specializes in the production of coilovers. The manufacturer is based in Taiwan, and they are housed with own manufacturing equipment, and the kits are mainly built to order. The manufacturer is based in Taiwan, and they are housed with own manufacturing equipment, and the kits are mainly built to order. This provides the assurance that all kits are freshly built before delivery, assuring that the quality of the product is kept at the highest level. The Research and Development team trial run and tested suspension systems and parts for years to be able to systematically analyze and set up optimal applications over wide-ranging road conditions. They developed a series of suspension systems with excellent performance and ride comfort, as well as diversified shock absorbers for various makes and models. To assure product excellence, ultimate driving performance and unsurpassable durability, we delved deep into various tests, planning and manufacturing stages before worldwide distribution. The shock absorbers enable drivers to achieve amazing and vastly enhanced driving pleasure without compromising safety. We believe that the damping quality and the level of control DD coilover delivers exceeded that of any comparable product within its range, and it is tagged with competitive price for all makes and models. DD Coilover is intended to strike a balance between performance and cost effectiveness.


Aluminum alloy to strengthen attendance

Equipped with fish-eye bearings Theravada x, y-axis 360-degree turn, effectively enhance the durability of attendance and shock absorbers, and for general road and track selection, with a greater degree of camber adjustment needs to achieve a more sensitive sense of control

40 soft and hard segments damping adjustment

Effectively adjust the damping hardness, set the adjustment range 40, with any car roadenvironment, feel free to set and control performance, to the perfect satisfaction in more detail, the owner may at any time simply free to adjust, turn the knob to change the damping hardnesstake a sense of control

Tired into a high tension spring cold

SAE 9254 steel spring material used in the continuous-time diameter of over 50 million times the pressure test, the deformation less than 5%, special surface treatment of high strength, durabilitydramatically, with optimal damping springs for various combinations

Hi-low body height adjustment

Adjustable using Flashlight way to change the front and rear height adjust vehicle height does not affect the hard and soft damping force by failure to achieve the best balance

Special high hardness steel base

Designed to withstand greater pressure and improve the stability of the fracture to prevent the occurrence, the use of powder to prevent corrosion of equipment changes occur, and follow the way of the original design of other types of vehicles with low seat of the European TUV international standards, the need for a control and ABS brake sensor wire fixed parts way is safe and easy to install performance

Monocular is fork-tube core

Use of seamless steel pipe material, 50mm tube core diameter, 44mm oil passages Needle Valve piston set, oil seal from Japan, through a special process in the oil chamber channel wall grinding, mirror polished, oil duct diameter tolerances less than 0.015mm, effective channel to reach the lowest friction oil and enhanced durability performance, to overcome the competitive long-term use or operation of driving the track, the core barrel, the high temperature for rapid damper actuator recession, and the use of special damping Italian IP FA 20W oil, combined with the most perfect quality, performance, satisfactory driving control.