One-stop shop for JDM used engine, Japan used engines and used auto parts

How it was on the

Mun Lee Auto Parts (M) Sdn Bhd is a well-established, one-stop shop for all Japanese vehicles company, based in Selangor – Malaysia dealing in half cuts (front and rear), performance upgrades, used spare parts and panels as well as turbo and non-turbo engines for all kinds of JDM cars.

We have been serving our customers for more than 10 years so you can expect us to be good in what we are doing. We have an established yards and buying network in Japan. Furthermore all our engines undergo extensive testing & checking to approve for the best quality. So you can be assured that we will bring high quality parts including half cuts and low kilometer engines for you.

Whatelse we can do

Mun Lee Auto Parts is committed to provide its customers with exceptional quality of JDM engines, parts and accessories. It is that dedication and passion to provide highest customer satisfaction that has made Mun Lee Auto Parts the company that it is today. We are committed to provide the best services possible for its customers.

Engine Exporting
We can export almost any kind of new and used parts for you. We sell JDM front clips, complete engine swaps, transmission, body parts, seats, accessories, computer ecu, computer chips and etc. With such a strong link in Japan, this allows us to source out high quality parts for you.

Autoparts Wholesale
We can offer you high performance parts for JDM cars whether it is exhaust, headers, cold air intakes, turbo, inter-cooler, sport springs, sway-bars, coil-over, lights, steering wheels, clutches – in big quantity of course!

Engine Installation
We are proud to offer our swap services to the local people in Malaysia. If you are just looking for a basic swap to build upon, or a reliable, high powered street/strip machine, we can handle the entire process from beginning to end.

Competition & Events
To show our interest in 4X4, Mun Lee Auto Parts participate in many 4X4 competitions. Our own competition car is nicely installed using our own house brand D&D. This is to show that our own house brand is as competitive as any other brand in the market.

Other than competition, internally, we also have our very own so called “4X4 Land Rover Club”. For the pass 2 years, we have been organizing trips to jungle. It is where we can get more experience on what the market needs in 4X4 auto parts and accessories. We welcome any party that want to join our trip or invite us to join theirs.