At Mun Lee Auto Parts (M) Sdn Bhd we specialise in high performance Japanese cars and spares.

We always have damaged cars, cars breaking for spares and a range of top quality tuning parts from BLITZ, HKS, KAKIMOTO, FUJITSUBO, MUGEN, CUSCO, TEIN, RAYS, SPOON, MOMO, SPARCO, RECARO, BRIDE, ENKEI, P1 RACING, NARDI, TANABE, SSR, SARD and etc to name just a few.


We have a large selection of foreign and domestic new and used auto parts in Malaysia.

If for some reason we don’t have your part, we can locate your part Nationwide. All of our used part is made from Japan.

We have a full line of aftermarket body parts including head lights, tail lights, mirrors, and door handles, gearbox, transmission, drive shaft, axle, alternator, starter, steering rack, compressor, absorb-er, Seat and etc.

Beside supply used engine, Mun Lee Auto Parts (M) Sdn Bhd also have variety of used auto parts in our yard. Please view shop below.